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Lookout's debut novel,
Honey from the Lion,
comes out September 8.

“One of the most assured debuts of the year . . . Matthew Neill Null's compressed, lyrical prose penetrates every darkness and wheels through time like a soaring bird.”
Jayne Anne Phillips, Quiet Dell

Honey from the Lion is a master performance. Industry, capital, religion, class, race, and unionization are all rendered through the fully realized loggers, vigilantes, industrialists, and preachers that Null conjures so utterly and empathetically. You will be awed and emptied by this book, and the truth and humanity within it.”
Smith Henderson, Fourth of July Creek

“Against a backdrop of labor unrest and the growing destruction of the old-growth forest, Null weaves a morality play of many threads: who will betray whom and at what price? The writing is exact and assured, the story complex and rewarding. Fans of John Sayles’ film Matewan will find this a kindred work and just as good.”

“Beautifully written in fresh, lyrical prose, Honey from the Lion brilliantly creates a land and a people experiencing tremendous change. Null successfully and engagingly presents the consequences of this change for both humans and the environment, leaving readers feeling like witnesses to it all.”


Honey from the Lion

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